Interview with Kevin Flynn, player-coach of Seattle RFC, USA

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Interview with Kevin Flynn, player-coach of Seattle RFC, USA

by PaulHP on Fri Feb 08, 2008 11:17 pm

Kevin Flynn started playing for London Irish at the age of 16 and ended up playing a number of games for the first team, until he left the UK to play rugby in the USA. He is now the player-coach of Seattle RFC (which is celebrating its 40th anniversay this season). He kindly answered my questions:


What is your date of birth? 14.8.1974

When/where did you start to play rugby? Worthing RFC and school at 14

What position did you play? I’ve always played 10/15

When did you join London Irish and how many games did you play? Joined at 16. Captained U16, U19, U21 and development side for 3 years . Played a hand full of 1st side games with other development players.

How many points did you score in your London Irish days? I can’t remember now, but I used to be able to score a few in my day

What brought you to London Irish? I was born and raised in England. My Family is from Wexford and I was digging and navvying all over the south from an early age. London Irish to me represented all the Irish and second generation Irish all over England.

What was the training like? Hard and very competitive

Who was the coach at London Irish? Some of the most memorable coaches I’ve had were: Jim Staples and Simon Geoghegan {u19}, Mike Gibson {u21}, Dean Shelford and Hika Reid, and Clive Woodward

Who were the captain(s) of London Irish in your time there? I was Captain of most of my teams , but the 1st team captains I remember being young were Mike Gibson, Rob Saunders and later Conor O`Shea

Who was your most difficult opponent? Wasps was always a thorn in our side at that time

Where was your favourite away ground? Bath and Garryowen

What was Sunbury like in your time playing there? Sunbury was electric. 90% Irish at the time. Just a great craic on and off the field . There wasn’t such a thing as last call at the bar back then . Lads would be singing and having a great time after a hard game of rugby back then. I miss those days dearly

Who do you consider was the best player you played with for London Irish? A few memorable players I played with were Justin Fitzpatrick , Justin Bishop, Paul Burke and Rob Henderson to name a few. As for getting your job done and being consistent Fitzy was the best player

Who where the characters at Sunbury in your time playing? There were so many back then . Dave Peters, Duncan Cormack, Gary Halpin and Michael Corcoran and Kieran McCarthy were some memorable ones

You were with the club at the start of professionalism, how did this affect you? It was a necessity but it ruined the Craic to say the least on and off the field. LI like other exile clubs has alot of heart just because of who we are. I felt we lost alot of that feeling. Money will do that.

Do you still keep in contact with any of your old team mates? I would say I keep in good touch with around 10-12 of my old team mates. I’m Fitzy’s lttle girls godfather also although don’t get to see them all as much as I would like.

The professional London Irish team is no longer a team for Irish/ Irish descent players, what are your feelings about this? It’s a shame but don’t think an `Irish only` club would have done as well as LI has done the last few years. But it does make it harder being a fan.

Do you miss playing for London Irish? Very much so

How good was the London Irish side you played in?(or) Which season had the strongest team? We had some great years . One year only losing one game to Swansea and beating an undefeated Garryowen.

Did you play for any other Irish/English clubs? I played for Met Police briefly and then a season with Haywards Heath, then came to the States.

Did you go on any over-sea's tours? Ireland many times. In fact got in trouble with the Management a couple of times as captain for not keeping {including me} in check

Did you win any honours? I won 2 honours ties 2 years in a row for best back.

When was the last time you attended a London Irish match? 9 years ago now. I’ve lived here all that time

Has your old position changed since you played? The whole game has changes but 10`s responsibility to control the game is the same.

Which modern day player would you have liked to play with? O`Driscoll. Having centres like him take the pressure off the 10

Are there any rules that you would like to see changed? I’m happy with the way things are. I just hope `they` don’t make the game so `pc` that it takes the rugby out of rugby.


You are now coaching director of Seattle Rugby Club how did you end up there? I came to play in the Canadian Premier league and the US leagues and ended up staying and taking over here at Seattle RFC. I still play and coach...not too old yet!!

Do you have a player we should keep an eye out for? WE have some amazing athletes and hopefully you will see some more of them soon. We have had a few internationals up till now

How good is the standard of club rugby in the USA?
The hits here are big. There’s a big difference between the premier leagues and the lower leagues. We play in the Canadian 1stDdivision and the US Super League, the unfortunate thing here is the leagues are flooded with foreign players. It is going to be hard for the US to be a force until they focus more on home grown talent.

Can you give a brief resume of your career?
Worthing RFC
represented Sussex , Surrey and Middlesex
London Irish from 1990 - 1997 captain for 5 years { 3 at Development squad}
Irish Exiles Students for 2 years
Reperesented the Pacific NW loggers , and West Coast Grizzlies
Presently play for Seattle RFC
Coached Seattle RFC for along time now
US Army to All Star Championship and for 2 more years after Coached US Combined services tour of Europe against German champs {w 31 25} , Czech national team {w13-11} , British Army (w 31-0) and the French Combined Services (47-27}

It’s been fun!!

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by gabriel on Fri Feb 08, 2008 11:29 pm

Another gem! Thank you very much for it.
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by dom_pedro on Sun Feb 10, 2008 2:38 pm

Good stuff as always.
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