Challenge Cup Predictions

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Challenge Cup Predictions

by dom_pedro on Tue Oct 25, 2016 9:54 am

Just realised I've been predicting Timișoara Saracens results as if they actually were Saracens and not a "partner" club from Romania :oops: .

Timișoara Saracens 17 - 59 Edinburgh

My prediction:
Timișoara Saracens by 9

Code: Select all
1    ▲2         TLB           25.00    
2    ▼1         James_LI      22.50    
3    ▲2         dom_pedro     21.50    
4    ▼2         Western Exil  17.50    
5    ▼1         harlowirish   13.00    
6     -         PaulHP         5.00    
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