The brewery

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The brewery

by Loobs on Wed May 27, 2009 10:02 pm

John works in a London brewery, working as a supervisor of the section in that puts the beer in to bottles and packages them. He is warned that standards have been slipping, and they aren't getting enough of the product out there, and his job is in danger within 24 hours unless there is a vast improvement. So he gathers his workers together and tells them that they are going to make a huge 24 hour push, for the Guinness World Record most beer bottled in a day!

So they get to work. John and his boys work so fucking hard, bottling up so much beer. They work through their breakfast, they work through their lunch, they work through their tea, bottling beer. They work through their smoke breaks, they smoke at the factory line and John turns a blind eye, as long as they carry on bottling beer. They bottle through the night, time they should be drinking in the pub with mates, enjoying time with the wife and kids! Bottling beer like never before! And midnight comes and they come to a rest, they've bottled over ONE MILLION bottles of beer!

And then the phone rings and John goes to answer it. Its his boss "Boss...Yeah its John...We did it, One million bottles....You What???....Sacked what the hell for???....No Record????.....What do you mean theres been a bigger bottle job in Rome??"
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