Noel Mannion and my pal Brian Vizard (posted on Voy)

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Noel Mannion and my pal Brian Vizard (posted on Voy)

by dom_pedro on Tue Oct 18, 2005 7:59 pm

Can't wait to torch the old SC refguee camp now ...

I get quite a few emails from a gent called Brian Vizard and I quite like reading his missives even though I never asked him to write to me ... alright so he's the Exec Director of the US Rugby Foundation and an ex-Eagles player and some would class his emails as spam but I'm sure if all spam were as interesting as his emails we'd all be buying Vicodin off the internet these days.

Anyway, his latest email regards an eBay auction that he is running to flog his old rugby shirts (a worth cause with the proceeds going to youth/school rugby in America) and the latest auction is for a shirt worn by Irish #8 Noel Mannion in 1989. The link to ebay is ... 8710494001 and he tells a good tale about the match which oddly enough featured a certain Brian Smith (later capped by Australia and a coach of some note). Anyway, worth a look.
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